STIA podcast: Ep. 32 — Dublin is blinded by rainbows; Castro Valley rebels

Dublin typically stays out of the political limelight, but last week it’s decision against flying the LGBT Pride flag brought the moderate to conservative Tri-Valley’s ideology in full relief for all to see. What happens next? Castro Valley, meanwhile, is changing and some want to shed the oversight of Alameda County and become a city. Michael Kusiak of CV Matters talks about the long road toward incorporation. Plus, crying at an oath of citizenship ceremony.

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One thought on “STIA podcast: Ep. 32 — Dublin is blinded by rainbows; Castro Valley rebels

  1. Interestingly, Dublin is my main argument for voting against incorporation in Castro Valley, where I live. Here is a list of 32 frequently unnecessary and sometimes unreasonable rules for living in Dublin, I would be in violation of a number of them if I lived there. You can’t change you oil in your driveway (I do). You can’t park you little RV at the curb (I have a truck camper at the curb now). You can’t have a chain-linked fence (OK, I don’t have one, but I want a short one). Front yard fences can only be 4 feet high (I have 5′ in one small garden area to keep out the deer). No unregistered vehicles in the driveway (I have an unregistered small trailer in my driveway that I plan to move to another site eventually). Used to say you could only park two vehicles on the street (we park 3). And there are more too. So the last think I want is more rules and more enforcement from a local government. Our neighborhood is comfortable, well kept, quiet and relatively crime-free, and everyone gets along in a live-and-let-live manner.


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