Florida Rep. Matt Gaetz is one of President Trump’s most vigorous supporters. Rep. Ro Khanna, like every progressive, is not a fan of the president’s politics. But both agree that military engagement with Iran is a bad idea.

Khanna and Gaetz introduced an amendment to a defense bill Tuesday to prevent federal funds from being used in the event war is waged against Iran without the authorization of Congress.

“Last week, we watched President Trump come within minutes of striking Iran and involving the United States in yet another trillion-dollar war in the Middle East,” Khanna said.

The addition of Gaetz’s support for the amendment, said Khanna, “ is also proof that opposition to war with Iran transcends partisan politics. With this effort, Americans can come together around the idea that we must stop a war with Iran.”

Trump’s decision to abort a mission to attack Iran for shooting down a U.S. drone and other reported acts against commercial ships in the Middle East caused a rift between hawks in the Republican Party and those like Gaetz, who oppose further military intervention in the Middle East.

However, among the current list of 17 co-sponsors for the amendment, Gaetz, and one other congressmember are the only Republicans. East Bay Rep. Barbara Lee is a sponsor.

The National Defense Authorization Act bill is scheduled to be debated next month in Congress.

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