Wieckowski is lone no

We should not be creating a false dichotomy that is a by-product of this deal—pitting clean air against clean water. We know all Californians can, and must, have both.-State Sen. Bob Wieckowski prior to being the lone vote in the Legislature against funding clean water projects for poor communities with money set aside for greenhouse gas emissions.

One thought on “Wieckowski is lone no

  1. Is Bob trying to be like Eric Smalwell and make no sense or is he trying to make a integrity statement?

    Wieckowski is opposed to using the Greenhouse Gas Reduction Fund revenues (“cap-and-trade”) for drinking water clean-up. No one else is recorded as agreeing with him. Bob is the only Senator who is standing firm saying that the funding must come from the right bucket or not at all. He has not made a statement about this that I can find. Perhaps Steve can get him to commit a statement.

    The Senate and the Assembly say that there is a direct link to the water quality issues and climate change and think that this is a crisis. Apparently Bob thinks it is not a crisis.

    The bill is SB 200 (Monning, Eduardo Garcia, and Bloom): Drinking water. Passed Senate 38-1-1 and in the Assembly it passed 68-0-11 (11 not voting including Buffy Wicks). It now sets with Governor Newsom for signature.

    Bob voted with the majority right up until the last vote. He needs to explain his position if he is going to remain relevant.

    4 Previous Senate Hearings and readings make no mention of the $130M funding from the GGRF (Greenhouse Gas Reduction Fund) and up to $30M from the GF General Fund. Wiechowski voted yes along with the majority on 4/23, 5/13, 5/17, 5/19. There was no opposition noted in any of the bill progressions or readings recorded.

    On 7/2 the funding from the GGRF was revealed. Wiechowski approved it on 7/3. Buffy Wicks said no on 7/5 along with 10 others.

    On 7/8 Wiechowski voted no. No one else in either the Assembly or the Senate voted No. the 11 in the Assembly chose note to vote. Andreas Borgeas (R-Fresno) also did not vote.


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