Former Alameda Mayor Trish Herrera Spencer is contemplating a return to the City Hal, she told the East Bay Citizen. However, not as mayor, but in the November 2020 Alameda City Council election.

After four tumultuous years, Spencer lost re-election to council mate Marilyn Ezzy Ashcraft.

Next year’s fall election will feature re-election bids by two councilmember who were tarnished by the city hall scandal over the past two years that included the city manager and interference over the hiring of a new fire chief.

Despite Spencer’s defeat last year, she still remains popular among a sizable portion of Alameda’s electorate. There is also recent precedent in Alameda for moderate to center-right candidates to be successful when stoking opposition against the powerful, mostly progressive, firefighters’ union.

Current Councilmember Tony Daysog used the scandal, along with high voter I.D., to win back a seat on the council after a two-year absence.

The same path to success seems possible for Spencer, if she decides to run. However, there is consensus that the firefighters’ union, which sat out the mayor’s race last year due to antipathy toward all of the candidates in the field, will not stay quiet in 2020. Over the years, Spencer and the union have, at times, brutally clashed over pay, funding for firehouses, and pensions for firefighters.