Former Oakland Councilmember Wilson Riles, Jr.  was arrested last Thursday following an altercation with Oakland police officers. The incident occurred at the city’s Planning and Building Department and was precipitated by a 911 call from a city employee, according to the city.

Oakland beatOakland Police Chief Anne Kirkpatrick called for an internal affairs review of the arrest, the San Francisco Chronicle reported.

Riles, who served on the Oakland City Council from 1979-1992, said the arrest was unjustified and told KPIX that the officers gave no indication they were going to arrest him before throwing him to the ground and handcuffing him.

Riles has had a long-standing disagreement with the city over a sweat lodge located on his property. Riles’ wife is of Native American descent.

He was charged with suspicion of battery against a police officer and booked at Santa Rita Jail in Dublin.