Hayward considers policy asking state AG to probe police deadly use-of-force cases

Earlier this year, police accountability advocates and the family of Agustin Gonsalez, the 29-year-old who was fatally shot by Hayward police officers in November 2018, forcefully urged Hayward city officials to seek an independent investigation of his death.

Hayward beatThe on-going investigation by the Hayward Police into the shooting, in which Gonsalez, who had a documented history of mental illness, was shot 13 times, is inherently partial to police officers, the family stated. So would an investigation by Alameda County District Attorney Nancy O’Malley’s office, they added, noting her re-election effort had received large amounts of campaign contributions from local police unions.

A series of rollicking Hayward City Council earlier this year, imbued with the anger of police critics and profound sadness from members of the Gonsalez family has, perhaps, made an impact.

Hayward city staff, along with new Police Chief Toney Chaplin is recommending the City Council institute a policy that calls on the state attorney general’s office to investigate police use-of-deadly force cases involving Hayward officers.

The City Council will consider the new policy at its Nov. 5 meeting. A closed session item prior to Tuesday night’s meeting is scheduled to include a discussion on the Gonsalez family’s lawsuit against the city and police department.

A referral asking staff to study the impact of a third-party review of officer-involved shootings was first offered by Hayward Councilmember Aisha Wahab and unanimously approved by the council last June.

Under the proposal, occasions when Hayward police officers use deadly force will continue to be investigated by the department, in addition, to another by the district attorney’s office. A review by the state attorney general’s office would constitute a third probe. The state AG, however, could decline any request by the city for an investigation.

The policy, as described, would only cover officer-involved incidents when the suspect’s injuries are fatal.

If approved, the policy would be retroactive to the Gonsalez shooting, which occurred on Nov. 15, 2018.


One thought on “Hayward considers policy asking state AG to probe police deadly use-of-force cases

  1. Great, so City Council members can gouge taxpayers for more their useless crap. Let me guess: the third party will be a friend or family member of the Mayor? Hayward City hall is a complete corrupted fraud and in no way shape or form represents the people of Hayward. Less the 20% of registered voters vote in Hayward, why? Because it’s perceived as corrupt to the core. It’s been one party leftist mob rule in Hayward since the early 1970’s, the last time in Hayward history that it was a great place. And remember, Hayward had a police chief resign in disgrace when she got caught in a false invoicing scheme – she was embezzling 25-30K per-month and the Mayor publicly defender her and allowed her to walk away with 2.5 million. It’s a weird bunch of creepy sociopaths that run the dystopia of Hayward.
    BTW: Agustin Gonsalez was a crazed meth head lunatic that charged police with a box cutter and had a history of violence… a complete ghetto trash loser. Thank you Hayward PD for protecting the good citizens from that violent lunatic.


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