A’s plan to pressure Oakland to drop stadium lawsuit at tonight’s meeting

The Oakland Athletics were quite transparent in an email sent to its fans Tuesday morning. Go to tonight’s Oakland City Council meeting and tell city officials to drop their lawsuit blocking the team’s negotiations for purchase of Alameda County’s half of the Coliseum complex (Oakland owns the other half).

And if you would rather use social media, we’ve prepared a tweet or a Facebook posting just for you replete with hashtags.

“@DanKalb @Kaplan4Oakland @ShengForOakland @nikki4oakland @lorenmtaylor @LynetteGM @NoelGallo5 come to the table, not the courtroom. I urge you to work WITH the @Athletics #LeadershipNotLawsuits”

The A’s hope to purchase half of the 155-acre property from the county for $85 million. But Oakland city leaders filed a restraining order last month to block the sale. The lawsuit angered Major League Baseball, whose commissioner warned the team could move to another city, perhaps Las Vegas, if the lawsuit is not shelved by the city.

The direction by the A’s for supporters to speak during the open forum portion of Tuesday evening’s council meeting, which begins at an early time, 4:30 p.m., appears related to the resumption of the lawsuit scheduled to be heard in Alameda County Superior Court on Nov. 14.

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