Alameda County Superior Court Judges Scott Jackson and Jennifer Madden were elected to the bench during the 2016 election cycle. Now, both were issued fines by the state’s Fair Political Practices Commission (FPPC) on Friday for failing to report campaign finance reports in a timely manner.

Both received stipulations due to be consider at the FPPC’s Nov. 21 meeting. Jackson’s fine is $6,000; Madden’s is $4,000. Both were first-time candidates.

Jackson finished second in the 2016 primary, but won a run-off in November against Alameda attorney Barbara Thomas.

According to the FPPC, Jackson’s campaign failed to report two pre-primary campaign finance filings to the state Secretary of State before the reporting deadline. The filings, however, had been properly reported to the Alameda County Registrar of Voters, according to the FPPC.

In addition, two semi-annual reports and two pre-election reports, were not properly filed by Jackson’s campaign.

The three violations typically carry fines of $5,000 each. The FPPC, however, does not believe the violations were deliberate, and reduced the total fine to $6,000.

The violations against Madden are similar. Madden faced only one election in 2016 after winning the judicial seat in the June primary with more than 79 percent of the vote.

Her campaign also failed to report two pre-primary filings to the Secretary of State’s office prior to the deadline, but did so with the county, according to the FPPC.

Madden also failed to report two semi-annual filings within the mandated time frame, and similarly, with two statements not filed within the 24-hour reporting period for contributions in late May 2016 of $1,000 and $1,200.

Madden faced a potential $15,000 for the three violations, but the errors were also not deemed deliberate.

Linda Perry, an experienced campaign bookkeeper and former San Leandro councilmember,  served as the treasurer from both Jackson and Madden in 2016.