Mark Meadows’ greeting to Eric Swalwell

Shut up.-North Carolina GOP Rep. Mark Meadows to East Bay Rep. Eric Swalwell during a closed-door House impeachment inquiry hearing, according to transcripts of meeting released last week.

3 thoughts on “Mark Meadows’ greeting to Eric Swalwell

  1. Meadows is angling to be Trump’s Chief of Staff. He sits on the House Oversight Committee with is one of the three key impeachment committees:
    He was elected by a higher majority of North Carolina voters than Smallwell.
    His platform will play well with Trump Supporters.

    Abortion. He is pro-life and has called abortion a tragedy. He opposes federal funding for abortion and believes parents should be notified of underage abortion procedures. He also opposes churches and other religious sites being forced to provide birth control options.

    Meadows is a birther, even though he was born in France.

    Budget. Meadows advocates for a balanced budget amendment to the United States Constitution. He is an original Tea Party Member.

    Civil rights. Meadows voted against the Violence Against Women Act. He casts his votes based on what the majority of his constituents in God’s Country tells him what to do.

    Environment and energy. He wants to end all funding for climate change, end the Renewable Fuel Standard, begin drilling on all Federal Land for Oil and end the Paris Accords on Climate. He advocates an end to cap-and-trade emission policies. He wants to tap oil and gas reserves to lower energy costs and increase all off shore drilling for oil and gas.

    LGBTQ. He is opposed to Gay Marriage and Trans Rights. He believes that if the government continues to go against God’s Will that North Carolina should secede from the Union in order to preserve State’s Rights..

    Gun control
    Meadows opposes all restrictions on gun purchases and supports Mandatory Concealed Weapons Carry and repeal of all Federal Restrictions on Firearms.

    Healthcare. Meadows opposes the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (Obamacare), and has stated that it should be replaced by private enterprise.

    Taxes.Meadows has signed the Taxpayer Protection Pledge, and he opposes a raise in all taxes, including the income tax. Meadows supports a flat-rate income tax for all earners and a repeal of the raise in the capital gains tax. He also supports the elimination of the estate tax.

    Wages. Meadows demands the repeal of the federal requirement that public works projects pay laborers and mechanics the locally prevailing wages,


  2. Meadows is a tool. Smallwell is a tool. Meadows was born in Verdun, France and has an AA degree. He was in charge of the Freedom Caucus. He is as worthless as Smallwell. The two are on opposite ends of the political spectrum. I would hope that the House Rules of Decorum would place both of them in a sealed chamber. Then pump in diesel exhaust. After an hour, you would have a good source for composting. The only guy who is in over his head than Meadows is Smallwell. This is just a part of a painful theater of the absurd.


  3. Mark Meadows is a Trumpian tool with zero credibility and a carefully developed hostility to conceal the frightened little boy, in way over his head that he actually is.


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