Peter Liu, the merry political prankster (we think), who ran for Oakland mayor in 2014 and finished 10th out of 25 California gubernatorial candidates last year, is running for East Bay Rep. Eric Swalwell’s seat next March. And given the current field and his Republican party affiliation, he could very well advance to the November General Election.

But the man who submitted a photo of himself wearing a large imperial Chinese hat for inclusion in the official candidate handbook, is turning his ire toward late-night talk show host Jimmy Kimmel for next year’s edition.

Liu’s candidate statement for the March 2020 primary will include a line calling for Kimmel to be fired by ABC. His replacement? Liu.

Although much of Liu’s candidate statement appears to be a list on non sequiturs, the Kimmel reference is clear.

During Liu’s run for Oakland mayor in 2014, he was part of a video package created by the San Francisco Chronicle. Each candidate in the large 15-person field was allowed to speak directly to voters.

kimmel jimmy
ABC late-night talk show host Jimmy Kimmel made fun of 15th congressional district candidate Peter Liu during a monologue in 2014.

Kimmel later featured the performance on his program, poking fun at the shape of Liu’s earlobes and his take on high-speed internet.

“The lesson here is this: when your son says, ‘Mommy, Daddy, I need internet access for homework.’ This really translates to: ‘I am gonna masturbate online while my parents at work yo,'” Liu said in the Chronicle video.

Liu, who calls himself, “the world’s smartest leader,” is still not amused. His candidate statement includes the sentence, “If not elected, someone at ABC HQ should fire Jimmy Kimmel and hire Liu.”

Nevertheless, Liu appears as mercurial as ever. Mixing statements that sound clearly delusional with instances of sheer comedy. He once vowed to “intellectually bitch-slap” the Oakland City Council, if elected mayor.

Last year, he proposed converting Lake Merritt into a water park in order to create new tax revenues for Oakland. The plan included bouncy houses for white kids and barbecue grills for African-Americans. He even produced a campaign song last year for governor.

Liu has started spoofing Swalwell recently. This week, he tweeted his stance on the social media debate over whether or not Swalwell passed gas during an appearance on MSNBC.

“If I was to fart on Live TV, I’d be like, Hey, Mexican bean burrito for lunch bruh!” Liu tweeted.

Swalwell is a prohibitive favorite for re-election next year. But there is good chance Swalwell could face the Republican Liu in the General Election. The 15th Congressional District is clearly blue, but a generic Republican candidate in the primary can reasonably be expected to pull more than 30 percent of the vote.

Other than Liu, the only other Republican who has filed an intent to run is a candidate named Alison Hayden. The candidate who wins the majority of this bloc will likely finish second to Swalwell and advance to November.