Eden Interim CEO named: Meet the new boss, same as the old boss

After enjoying more than two years of retirement from serving as CEO of Central Alameda County’s Eden Health District, Dev Mahadevan is back. The district named Mahadevan as interim CEO on Wednesday.

Alameda County beatMahdevan spent nine years as the district’s CEO before departing in July 2017. But in recent months, Mahadevan had been tasked with lease negotiations on the district’s behalf for its medical offices in Castro Valley.

His return comes as the leadership of the Eden Health District appears in disarray. Michael Mahoney, the former St. Rose Hospital executive who replaced Mahadevan as CEO, was pushed out by some board directors last October.

But a play by Gordon Galvan, the chair of the Eden Board of Directors, to hire a former Sutter Health executive named George Bischalaney for a $17,333 a month contract for three month, backfired.

Mahadevan Dev
Dev Mahadevan

Some board directors balked at the price tag and Bischalaney’s demand that he work a minimum of 16 hours a week. He also communicated through Galvan that he would not accept the job without the full support of the board. Two directors, Roxann Lewis and Mariellen Faria later opposed the terms of the contract.

Galvan, however, pushed for the board to reconsider Bischalaney’s contract at a special meeting on Dec. 2, along with Mahadevan’s possible employment.

On Wednesday, Board Director Megan Lynch said Bischalaney was sticking with his previous demand that he only take the position if it came with the unanimous support of the board, therefore, taking himself out of the running for the job.

The board then turned to Mahadevan, which approved his three-month contract with support from Lewis, Faria, and Lynch. Board Director Charles Gilcrest abstained, and Galvan was absent.

Under terms of the contract, Mahadevan will earn $158 an hour for a maximum of 20 hours a week and will receive no paid vacation or health benefits. The length of the contract runs through Feb. 29.

2 thoughts on “Eden Interim CEO named: Meet the new boss, same as the old boss

  1. Thomas, you are wrong for Bischalaney hourly rate was in excess of $250/hr. He was going to work 16hr a week for a monthy salary of $17,333.00. Please your math!


  2. Typical poor math skills. Bischalaney pencils out to $100 an hour. This clown Mahadevan is getting $158 an hour. Makes a lot of sense. This is fiscal mismanagement and stupidity.


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