Moms 4 Housing activists in Oakland protest SB50 presser

San Francisco state Sen. Scott Wiener unveiled the latest version of SB50, the legislation that would allow upzoning for housing developments near transit centers, at a press conference on the steps of Oakland City Hall on Tuesday morning.

But protesters concerned whether the bill will include much-needed affordable housing drowned out the entire press conference with chants.

When Oakland Mayor Libby Schaaf spoke the large group of protesters lustily shouted her down.

Following her remarks, Schaaf was surrounded by a small group of activists belong to the Moms 4 Housing coalition, a group of women who took up residence in a vacant home in West Oakland without the permission of the property owners. 
Schaaf engaged in the conversation for about 15 minutes. No middle ground appeared reached. One woman told Schaaf, “We’re done with you.” Schaaf stared back stony faced.


2 thoughts on “Moms 4 Housing activists in Oakland protest SB50 presser

  1. Senator Weiner should abandon SB50 and instead offer a bill to seize all abandoned single family homes and unused hotel and motel rooms for the homeless. There is no need to build new. We already have existing. Single Family Homes, Hotel and Motel rooms that have been vacant for a year should be upgraded and used for the Homeless. Spend on the money on what already is here and leave the development for those that can afford it. Stop government funding and support for new construction and upgrade what is here now and support it with real cash support and labor.


  2. For the record, there was a sizable audience and from where I stood no more than 20% seemed to be chanting. A large contingent of sign-bearing supporters was there too.

    Many speakers tried to address the chanters directly, often speaking the same language about affordable housing and homelessness, but it seems the chanters had made up their mind, not just to make their presence known, but also to drown out everything else and not to listen to a single word of potential dialogue.


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