East Bay Insiders – Ep. 30 – Retirement and the Legend of Cracker McCracker

It’s already a tumultuous 2021. Steve is hanging up his notebook and tape recorder and Shawn is under fire for calling a white guy a “Cracker McCracker” in Episode 29. Down to business, we look at the undercurrent of opposition in Alameda County to Rob Bonta’s bid for state attorney general, and analyze the early 2022 campaigns for Alameda County DA and sheriff.

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  1. Calling a person, a “cracker” is derogatory and pejorative. The 2014-2015 County of Alameda Grand Jury called out Mr. Wilson for offensive language and the inappropriate pressuring of staff. Recently, he made a slur disparaging a private person by name on this podcast. Yet, he now complains that he is being pressured to curtail his offensive language.

    If Mr. Wilson cannot take the heat, then he should stop disparaging members of the public. County employees provide a public service. When they bring shame on the County by a demonstrated lack of remorse and continued hostility, their employment should be terminated, immediately. There is no room on the county payroll for someone who chooses to remain defiant and angry when chastised over the use of derogatory language directed at a member of the public.


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