Pamela Price doesn’t like Pete Buttigieg

When Pamela Price challenged Alameda County District Attorney Nancy O’Malley two years ago, she did not mince words. When she later challenged Oakland Libby Schaaf months later, she was clearly outspoken.

Now, Price, who is a supporter of Sen. Bernie Sanders’ presidential campaign, is leveling tough words for Democratic presidential candidate Pete Buttigieg.

In a blog post last week, Price questioned why Buttigieg’s lack of experience is rarely discussed. She suggested it’s because he’s a white male candidate.

A number of Black mayors who are women in much larger cities than Buttitgieg’s South Bend, Ind, would have been swamped with question about their electability, she wrote.

“When placed in the context of women mayors of color, Mayor Pete’s candidacy is an outright insult to Black women,” Price added.

“My point is, had any one of these accomplished Black women jumped up and announced she was running for President, she would not have made it past the first round of the Democratic Party chopping block. And we would still be laughing.”

For what it’s worth, Price also had stinging words for Sen. Kamala Harris’ presidential campaign. Price charged Harris with consistently betraying black women by not endorsing their campaigns in local and state legislative races in the East Bay, including Price’s own for district attorney and mayor.

It’s not clear yet what Price’s next political move will be. But in the meantie, she is among a large field of candidates on the March primary ballot vying for one of eight seats on the Alameda County Democratic Central Committee. Incidentally, it’s a group where she has also ruffled feathers in years past.

2 thoughts on “Pamela Price doesn’t like Pete Buttigieg

  1. A supporter of Bernie has no place to criticize another candidate for white privilege or doing nothing while in office, and that’s for damn sure.


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