Schaaf recommends former Lafayette city manager as interim city administrator

Oakland Mayor Libby Schaaf, in a letter to the City Council last Thursday, offered the appointment of former Lafayette city manager Steven Falk as interim city administrator.

Oakland beatLast December, Oakland City Administrator Sabrina Landreth announced her resignation from the post, effective Mar. 11. Oakland councilmembers will discuss Falk’s possible employment at its Feb. 18 meeting.

“I am confident that Mr. Falk will carry out the functions and duties of the position of the city administrator with the highest ethical standards and in a manner consistent with the charter and municipal code of the City of Oakland, while we conduct our search,” Schaaf wrote in the letter to the council.

She also indicated that Falk is not an applicant for the permanent position.

Falk previously served 23 years as Lafayette city manager. He abruptly resigned in 2018 after suffering a crisis of conscience over the Lafayette City Council’s strong opposition to density housing near transit and his own personal beliefs.

If approved by the city council next week, the interim hiring will be the second time in  recent years that he’s providing a stopgap for an East Bay progressive city government.

Following upheaval at the city manager’s office in Richmond last year, Falk was tabbed as its interim city manager.

One thought on “Schaaf recommends former Lafayette city manager as interim city administrator

  1. The City of Oakland should take a pass on Steven Falk. He will either act as a rubber stamp for Libby Schaaf or will cause a lot of issues. The City of Oakland needs to have an administrator who can work with the city. Steven Falk is not that person.


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