The top contributors for each of four candidates in the District 1 supervisorial contest this March is predictable based on the thumbnail sketch of each of their supposed strengths. State Sen. Bob Wieckowski is backed labor unions, along with his colleagues in the state Senate. Vice Mayor Melissa Hernandez is backed by police unions and other labor unions. Fremont Councilmember Vinnie Bacon is supported by family and average voters, and Dublin Mayor David Haubert is backed by developers.

Wieckowski’s Top ContributorsAmount
1. SEIU Local 1021$12,000
2. Calif. Metals Coalition PAC$10,000
2. Carol Dreyer$10,000
3. Robson Homes LLC $5,600
4. AB&I$5,000
4. Cass, Inc.$5,000
4. Curtis Priem$5,000
4. Calif. Real Estate PAC$5.000
Hernandez’s Top ContributorsAmount
1. IAFF Local 55$11,500
2. Fremont POA$10,000
2. Deputy Sherrifs Assoc. of ALCO$10,000
3. J&J Sons Trucking$9,995
4. IBEW Local 595$5,000
4. Calif. Real Estate PAC$5,000
4. Calif. Apartment Assoc. PAC$5,000
4. Laborers’ Local 304$5,000
4. Laborers Pacific Southwest Regional PAC$5,000
Bacon’s Top ContributorsAmount
1. Bob Bacon$20,000
2. Art Kassan$15,000
3. Harpret Grewal$2,500
4. Vinnie Bacon$1,811
5. Chris Cavette$500
5. Susan Walsh$500
Haubert’s Top ContributorsAmount
1. Discovery Builders$10,000
2. Carl Cox$6,000
3. California Real Estate PAC$5,000
3. Prince of Peace Enterprises$5,000
3. Dr. Morteze Far$5,000
4. Build Jobs PAC$2,500