The number of Indian-American voters in Alameda County’s Board of Supervisors District 1 seat is significant. But none of the four candidates in the big District 1 race this March have a natural hold on the community. With large populations in both the Tri-Valley and Fremont, Indo-ALCOD1 logoAmerican voters are the wildcard, in tandem with the Chinese-Americans, that could decide this likely evenly-matched race next month.

Dublin Mayor David Haubert made a strong move for both demographics with two videos released on Monday. In one, Haubert greets viewers with palms pressed together and utters, “namaste.” He later boasts of his Indian American cred.

Haubert also speaks Chinese in another video posted this week. Similarly, Haubert touts his work in the Chinese community while serving as Dublin mayor.

Despite Fremont’s Indian and Asian communities making up a minority-majority of the city’s population, and large numbers of residents in the Tri-Valley, the vacuum left by the lack of a candidate in the District 1 race was seen as a missed opportunity for these communities to gain greater representation in local government. Until this week, the push by the candidates for the Indian and Chinese vote has mostly been conducted behind-the-scenes.

The Mar. 3 primary also includes Dublin Vice Mayor Melissa Hernandez, Fremont Councilmember Vinnie Bacon, and state Sen. Bob Wieckowski.