An unknown number of voters received a letter recently that strongly discourages them from voting for Alameda County District 1 Board of Supervisor candidate Bob Wieckowski.

ALCOD1 logoFurthermore, who sent the letter is also unknown, a potential violation of the state election code that requires political mailers included a “paid for” disclosure printed somewhere on the piece.

“Do not vote for Wieckowski,” the one-page letter declares in a large, bold font. “We need proper representation and we won’t get it from him, he has proven that.”

Additional text describes the group behind the letter as being comprised of “local minorities, immigrants, as well as a number of small and medium business owners from all walks of life that provide excellent jobs and excellent subcontract work and a huge amount of local purchases.”

It further details a “series of very disappointing discussions” with Wieckowski’s state senate district staff. Wieckowski currently represents the 10th state Senate district, which represents Fremont. The group believes the meetings were unproductive. “His staff with whom he relies on heavily treated us very badly and the senator never agreed to a meeting. In response we were disparaged, ignored, and humiliated,” according to the letter.

“We have every reason to believe that should he win for Alameda County Supervisor he will ignore and go against his constituents,” the letter continues.

Exactly who is behind the letter, which voters received in a post-marked envelope, is a topic of great discussion in the Fremont half of the District 1 campaign to replace retiring Alameda County Supervisor Scott Haggerty.

At some point, every other candidate in the race that includes Fremont Councilmember Vinnie Bacon, Dublin Mayor David Haubert, and Dublin Vice Mayor Melissa Hernandez, have, at some point, been accused, although without any evidence.

The move underscores just how tight the District 1 primary is believed to be with just one week before the votes are counted on Mar. 3. It’s a race in which any of the four candidates could win the primary, and almost every permutation of two candidates advancing to a November runoff is possible.

Wieckowski letter ALCOD1
Letter sent earlier this month to some residents in District 1.