Hayward is making it easier for parents to attend council meetings

Hayward residents unable to attend the city’s weeknight council meetings because they have children to care for now have a solution.

Hayward announced it will begin offering free child care services during city council meetings, starting this week. Residents only need to notify the city clerks office on the Friday, 5 p.m., before the public meeting, which is typically scheduled on Tuesday nights.

The council meets this Tuesday night. Its next regular meeting, which includes a second reading of Hayward’s minimum wage ordinance, is scheduled for Mar. 3.

In recent years, Hayward has made a concerted effort to encourage its residents to participate in local government. Free translation services are also available to the public during city meetings. A large segment of Hayward’s population is Spanish-speaking.


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  1. Steve,

    Thanks for the notice. The City of Hayward has not done a great job of telling the residents of this service. Besides Spanish, what other translation services are offered?


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