As the coronavirus is quickly adversely affecting the everyday life and economy of the East Bay, Hayward Councilmember Aisha Wahab will offer a referral to the Hayward City Council next Tuesday that would set the stage for a possible 30-day moratorium on evictions and foreclosures that result from reduction in wages due to the outbreak.

Hayward beat“We must avoid an even greater emergency that would result from displacing thousands of residents from their homes,” Wahab wrote in the referral to be discussed next week.

Oakland elected officials proposed a similar ordinance on Thursday that will come before the Oakland City Council on April 7. San Francisco is also seeking to provide the same protections for its renters.

Wahab, in an interview, said her proposed ordinance would not only cover the coronavirus outbreak, but any future natural disasters. Hayward is located on a potentially deadly fault line. In addition, some parts of the city rest on a flood plain.

The “Emergency Stay in Place” ordinance would not only seek to protect renters, but also mortgage-holders and small business tenants, Wahab added.

She proposes a specific trigger for when the proposed ordinance would become effective, including when city, county, state, or federal authorities declare a state of emergency. The referral suggests action by the city administration as soon as possible, if approved, roughly 30-60 days.