Oakland, Hayward have the most covid-19 cases in Alameda County

Oakland and Hayward topped the list of Alameda County cities with the most confirmed cases of covid-19, according to a dashboard released to the public on Wednesday.

The dashboard provided by the Alameda County Health Care Services Agency includes only general statistics, such as the age range of those confirmed to have been infected and the city where they reside.

Below is the number of covid-19 cases sorted by city, through April 7.

CityCovid-19 cases
Unincorporated ALCO70
Union City28
San Leandro27

As the largest city in Alameda County, it’s no surprise Oakland has the most confirmed cases with 137, through Tuesday, when a grand total of 631 cases were reported.

A chart showing the total number of covid-19 cases in Alameda County.

Hayward, which is nearly three times the size of Oakland, however, registered the second highest number of cases to date. The large number of cases may be attributed to an outbreak of cases at a nursing home in Hayward.

Hayward is also the site of the first free testing site offered to the general public almost three weeks ago.

Unincorporated Alameda County, whose total size rivals that of Hayward, has 70 confirmed cases of covid-19. Both areas have vulnerable older and low-income residents. Similarly, roughly cases were confirmed at a nursing home in Castro Valley.

Alameda County residents between the ages of 45-54 years old make up, by far, the largest age demographic of confirmed cases with 232. The second-most being 121 county residents between 65 and 74 years old.

Covid-19 cases in Alameda County sorted by age bracket.

Alameda County health officials said on Tuesday afternoon that a dashboard of covid-19 statistics would be available sometime this week. Colleen Chawla, the Alameda County Health Care Services Agency director, said the ethnicity of covid-19 cases in the county would not be released to the public due to the potential for the low sample size of current cases skewing the results.

3 thoughts on “Oakland, Hayward have the most covid-19 cases in Alameda County

  1. Hayward sits back while “workers” gather in an unsafe way so they can be picked up by strangers at Home Depot. It’s a disgrace the way they ignore the breaking of employment law and Covid rules while they make others tow the line. They also ignore illegal parking and won’t zone enough land for parking and they ignore constant illegal dumping. Mean time law abiding business is an easy target for them.


  2. Error in the story as written: Hayward is not three times the size of Oakland. Its population is approximately a third the size of Oakland’s.


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