San Leandro asks AG to investigate killing of Steven Taylor by police

San Leandro councilmembers voted in closed session on Monday night to request an independent investigation by the state attorney general’s office into the fatal shooting of Steven Taylor, an African American resident, by police on April 18.

San Leandro beatThe move comes amid the backdrop of the killing by Minneapolis Police of George Floyd, which has roiled the nation over the past week, including a frenetic night of looting, arson, and violence in San Leandro on Sunday night.

The closed session item was approved unanimously by the council, according to City Attorney Richard Pio Roda. Councilmember Corina Lopez made the motion and was seconded by Councilmember Victor Aguilar, Jr.

San Leandro police responded to a call on April 18 that an African American man was harassing customers and employees inside the Walmart store on Hesperian Boulevard while brandishing an aluminum bat. Taylor was confronted by an officer and later tased before the officer discharged his weapon. A second, late-arriving officer then deployed a second Taser gun on Taylor.

Specifically, Monday evening’s action by the council merely authorizes a formal request to state Attorney General Xavier Becerra to investigate the shooting. That Becerra’s office will accept the request is not a given.

Current investigations by the San Leandro Police Department and Alameda County District Attorney’s Office will still continue regardless of the possibility for a third investigation into the Taylor shooting, according to city officials.

Meanwhile, Taylor’s death continues to shine a negative light on the San Leandro Police Department that has only gotten worse over just the past week.

Not only did the Floyd killing in Minneapolis reignite the debate about Taylor in San Leandro, but a lawsuit filed last week by a then-pregnant woman has further inflamed the situation by alleging a San Leandro police officer “stomped” on her stomach during a traffic stop in June 2019 and caused her to have a miscarriage.

The City Council is scheduled to discuss the latest lawsuit at a special closed session on Wednesday evening.

7 thoughts on “San Leandro asks AG to investigate killing of Steven Taylor by police

  1. Thank you to those who agree that this was a straight forward killing of a black man. San Leandro police tried to sweep this one under the rug. We will keep hisname alive. We will push for Justice of a murder gone wrong.


  2. Thank you to those who agree that this was a straight forward killing of a black man. San Leandro police tried to sweep this one under the rug. We will keep hisname alive. We will push for Justice of a murder gone wrong.


  3. He never even approached the police pan handling and walking away yelling please leave me alone in a tine where unmask police can get you sick deserves you to be shot are being African American are Black and mad in America does how many white men high and drunk brandishing weapons have been reported to be shot and moat that do you can see in video they’re charging bt most ate taken down in the right manner its call securing the situation sir i personally know Steve why would them investigating cop killing ppl make tou so mad and the attorney general is something wasnt right…who tases a person then shoots them and while they’re on the ground after being shot the second late responding officer tases them again…and was you there have you ever been homeless outside cold and hungry no if ao you would no they call thw police for pan handling even when customers are saying nothing and willingly giving their money to aid the hungry and displaced homeless and moat lue to get police out faster and to make sure they make you leave they lie and say your harassing ppl…his bat was with him to stand well as he lived outside think…why and where did that story make you feel that those cops told the truth..was you there ate you mad we as blacks are finally getting a door open to a fair chance finally and we already are winning with the beat we have offered and given…this is my. Brother yoh will remember his name #Steven #SteveForever #NoJustice #NoPeace because of acceptes #Ignorance #OneDayFreedomWillRing they never died for nothing every innocent person in prison and who died by the cops hand have died for more than just that bt for a move and a urging call and fight for change


  4. To anonymous guy this is my friend he sung like an angel a voice given from God im at EmanHigh we do music he had a hard life he nrver was a threat he had a bat he had with him he and my cousin Lawrence Washington we fell homeless i bring the youngest seen truth we beed a job i started working as a tie truck driver and ended up in a better position financially still homeless that was 5 yrs ago he and my cousin was still off and on homeless look at what we as app all are saying not aid govt non jobs financial failure….He was asking for change and they called like they do any person pan handling is what they call it as a crime..during they’re response one came first he first tased him which would make anybody more irrate i actually lives with thia person mu brother Steve is a great being travel did music shows we was planning on him going to one of these singing shows he always helped anybody….before losing his place from white lien racist qho made lies as complaints because as she said it was to much traffic five black ppl sure..this leading to him being in that position to have to ask for change to eat sustain and survive askinh for a few dime nickles pennies and dollah lead to this him losing his life..he was tased then shot then tased by a second late responding officer after being on the ground already from being shot where was a shot after being tased man so much a threat he after being shot had to be tased again..and that keeping and maintaining the peace that’s there job huh..where sis you get so inhumane sir that the state was ever even ok this man is dead he had to die for the world to notice same kid trying to make it to A 69 lvl cant be seen for natural god given talent bt a person that knows and love him will say that a person that dnt will say what you said why musy we die are flirt woth death to be seen and will when this narrative of oppression from are oppressive oppressor and racism change now days its accepted and over looked..Gods blessings to his kids as well and babies mothers whom all loved him dearly his mom who out lived him in life and all who love him i miss you brother…#SteveAlwaysLive #NoJustice #NoPeace #UnlessYourWhite #Pagans #GEORGEFloyde #ShoyldHaveNeverNotBeen #TheOnlyOne #SomeDayFreedom #WillRing


  5. Excuse there is a difference between what he had done and what George was killed for. This man was a threat. He had a bat and threatening people inside a walmart. The cops were doing their duty. If only they did that with the white folks that shot up the schools.


  6. This has nothing to do with the killing of that man , the way they are acting is irrational, this is what you get when you lock down people for 3 months they turn into an anarchy of aggressive animals ,


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