Fremont Mayor Lily Mei was jeered by protesters on Tuesday after she refused to take a symbolic knee in support of police accountability.

Mei, along with Fremont Police Chief Kimberly Petersen, and two police captains, attempted to address the group, which had earlier marched through Fremont in support of George Floyd.

After the crowd drowned out Mei’s remarks, they repeatedly called for Mei to take a knee. “Taking a knee is something that I’m not going to be doing,” she finally told them.


Mei wrote on Facebook Tuesday night that she declined to kneel out of deference to God.

“I have been asked why I will not kneel at events like the one from earlier today. Because of my faith, I will never kneel to anyone but God. You will see me kneel in church, but you will not ever see me kneel at any other event except in prayer,” she wrote.