Curfews rescinded everywhere in Alameda County, except Fremont

A decision by the Alameda County sheriff to rescind a countywide curfew one day earlier than scheduled set off a rush of cities to remove their own more stringent orders on Thursday.

Alameda County beatThe call to lift the countywide curfew, which was set to expire at 5 a.m. on Friday morning was “due to restoration of public order and safety,” the rescission order said, and effective immediately.

It did not, however, affect several cities in Alameda County that had issued longer curfews. San Leandro and Hayward, for instance, set curfews to last through Monday, June 8.

But those cities, along with others, like Oakland and Berkeley, followed the county’s lead and ended their curfews in quick succession on Thursday.

Fremont, which faced limited criminal activity during last weekend’s protests across the East Bay, chose, instead, to keep its curfew in place. According to the city’s Facebook page, Fremont’s curfew will end at 5 a.m. on Friday. Road closures around Fremont’s Auto Mall, though, will remain closed through Monday.



5 thoughts on “Curfews rescinded everywhere in Alameda County, except Fremont

  1. The curfew was needed to address the criminal activities like vandalism and property theft. It was not put in place to abridge anyones 1st amendment rights. Destruction and thievery is not a legitimate means of civil disobedience. Do not allow calls for justice be hijacked by chaos and criminality.


  2. the reason they would like to continue curfew is because fremont was peaceful? This is really a nice joke. 😆


  3. As the city of Hayward rescinded their local curfew right after the curfew of Alameda County has been imposed, Hayward ha been only under the County-wide curfew. Now that the County lifted the curfew, Hayward is no longer in curfew.


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