More than nine years ago, a resolution by the Alameda County Board of Supervisors that called for national reconciliation and reparations due to centuries of slavery in the U.S. feels eerily prescient to the state of the country in 2020.

On Tuesday morning, the Board of Supervisors will move to reaffirm the landmark June 7, 2011 resolution to urge for a formal apology from the U.S. government and economic reparations for African Americans.

The reaffirmation of the resolution is being led by Alameda County Supervisors Keith Carson and Nate Miley. Both supervisors signed the original resolution in 2011.

One specific included in the reaffirmation is a clause asking cities, law enforcement agencies, and groups that have benefitted from racial inequity to apologize for “complacency as a well as call for them to combat racism and discrimination by initiating policy and providing funding for community reparations.”