Bernie Sanders endorses progressive Hayward council candidates

Three upstart progressives running for the Hayward City Council have caught the eye of the most famous progressive in U.S. politics.

Former Democratic presidential candidate Sen. Bernie Sanders announced the endorsement of Lacei Amodei, Elisha Crader, and Nestor Castillo on Thursday, the three-candidate slate of Hayward progressives running for four at-large seats on the Hayward City Council this November.

Sanders made the surprising selections as part of a list of 18 progressive candidates running for state and local offices across the state.

The Sanders endorsement is a major coup for the Challenger Slate comprised of Amodei, Crader, and highly unusual for a politician of his stature to wade in the waters of a Hayward City Council race.

Sen. Bernie Sanders was the runner-up for the Democratic Party presidential nomination this year.

But Sanders’ attention comes after Hayward politics, historically dominated by an establishment politicians backed by the local Chamber of Commerce, was transformed two years ago by the emergence of progressive Councilmember Aisha Wahab.

During the same period Amodei and Crader have followed Wahab’s lead on a number of fronts. Both have strongly advocated for renters’ protections, increasing the minimum wage in Hayward, and police accountability. All issues that Sanders has backed over the years.

Other East Bay candidates receiving Sanders’ backing on Thursday include Berkeley District 2 Councilmember Cheryl Davila, AC Transit Board of Directors candidate Jovanka Beckles, and Oakland City Council District 3 candidate Carroll Fife.

7 thoughts on “Bernie Sanders endorses progressive Hayward council candidates

  1. The Chamber of Commerce meddles in politics too much. Residents complain about City Council rubber stamping things that benefit HFD and the Chamber’s pet projects & short sighted agenda.
    The Chamber’s PAC is called Good Government Now. It should be called Good Government For The Chamber of Commerce Best Interest. Consider that when you vote for city council members.


  2. I mean if Hayward has been run by historically establishment candidates while backed by the chamber of commerce and all the residents are complaining how bad it has gotten wouldn’t you think that we need new candidates with different ideas? Instead what some of you want is more of the same while b!tching. Instead of BS arguments like communist cities. You might not know this but the US is a socialist country. It’s just socialism for the rich.


  3. We don’t need Hayward to become a communist city. Their progressive ideas will only benefit their Union friends and hurt the rest of our working community.


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