Alameda County’s Top 20 fundraisers

Alameda County District 1 supervisorial candidate David Haubert shoveled in campaign cash like no other candidate this year, according to finance reports.

Haubert’s haul was more than double the next highest fundraiser in any race in Alameda County.

Oakland At-Large City Council candidate Derreck Johnson was a distant second in a top 10 that included nine candidates from Oakland.

CandidateCampaignCash Raised
HaubertALCO D1$559,323
JohnsonOAK At-L$222,343
McElhaneyOAK D3$218,411
FifeOAK D3$206,351
KaplanOAK At-L$122,185
KalbOAK D1$121,394
ParkerOAK City Atty$120,239
FerranOAK City Atty$111,627
WaltonOAK D3$104,747
Reid OAK D7$96,566
BaconALCO D1$89,861
Gallo OAK D5$78,677
JacksonOAK D7$75,075
ArreguinBERK Mayor$68,888
MarquezHAY Council$59,874
WengrafBERK D6$58,194
Clay OAK D7$57,292
Amodei/CraderHAY Council$53,702
HahnBERK D5$52,637
OddieALA Council$49,695

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5 replies

  1. wow … can he share????  ;o)


  2. District One Alameda County representatives will soon have their own bought and paid for supervisor. So much for democracy. You get what you buy.


  3. Insane how much money David Haubert raised. I am so disappointed. I live in Fremont and voted for Vinnie Bacon. I’m a big believer that a candidate should not be bought. Sigh. Anyway, good reporting and thank you EB Citizen.


  4. A little misleading to not count the massive amounts of personal funds Bacon and family members shoveled into his campaign. That would put Bacon #2. Democracy lives on.


  5. Better to use your own money and not be beholden to corrupt special interests.


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