Alameda County public health officials, amid rising cases of covid-19 in the state and county, struck an ominous tone on Thursday.

The county, which had been successful in managing the number of new cases for the past two months, is nearing a likely move backward from the current orange tier to the more restrictive red tier. If current trends continue unabated, further tightening of public health orders could follow, they added.

“We expect to move back into the Red Tier soon and, if current trends continue, Alameda County will move all the way back into the Purple Tier,” county public health officials said in a statement.

Over the past two weeks the number of daily cases of the coronavirus in Alameda County have increased. New cases spiked in mid-August before steadily dropping until recently.

In the meantime, a loosening of the county’s public health order was put on pause on Thursday. Contra Costa County public health officials made a similar announcement earlier this week. In addition, Hospitalizations in Alameda County are also on the uptick.

New coronavirus cases in Alameda County have risen in the past two weeks, health officials said. The county’s rate of new cases per 100,000 residents increased from 3.4 to 4.9.

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As of Thursday, Alameda County has reported 25,400 cases of the coronavirus since last March, including 486 deaths.

The upcoming holiday season brings additional concerns, county health officials said. As the number of new cases nationwide are skyrocketing, the potential influx of friends and family visiting and traveling for Thanksgiving and Christmas may worsen the rate of new infections in Alameda County. The presence of the flu season is another worrisome factor, they added.