Updated to include Thursday night’s updated results.

A countywide half-cent sales tax increase in Alameda County is toward victory, but not by much. Meanwhile, a bond measure to fund aging fire stations in unincorporated Alameda County is barely passing, as of Tuesday night’s updated results.

The countywide Measure W requires a simple majority for passage. After appearing headed to passage for several rounds of updates by the Alameda County Registrar’s office, the measure was failing on Wednesday. A day later, it was back on top by a thread, as the number of uncounted ballots is nearly exhausted.

Measure W now leads with 50.08 percent of the vote, as of Thursday night.

Measure W is estimated to add $150 million in new revenue to the county over the next decade, if approved by voters.

Unincorporated Alameda County’s Measure X is also a nail-biter, although in a more comfortable position for passage than Measure W.

The $90 million bond measure proposes to improve fire stations in the unincorporated areas. It requires a two-thirds majority, or 66.67 percent for passage.

Measure X is currently garnering 66.74 percent percent support, as of Thursday night. A similar bond measure to fund fire stations in unincorporated Alameda County was narrowly defeated by voters last March.

An extension of unincorporated Alameda County’s 6.5 percent utility users’ tax, decided countywide, is headed toward certain victory. Measure V is currently enjoying 69 percent support. It needs just a simple majority for passage.