Alameda Health System CEO is out

Delvecchio Finely, the CEO of the Alameda Health System, resigned in a surprise special closed session on Tuesday night.

Finley, who has lead the beleaguered health care system since August 2015, offered his resignation at Tuesday night’s Alameda Health System Board of Trustees meeting.

The Board of Trustees, most of which were summarily removed by the Alameda County Board of Supervisors last month following a lengthy conflict between the health system and labor, accepted Finley’s resignation.

Prior to the special meeting, the outgoing trustees did not have another scheduled meeting before a new set of trustees is to be sworn-in next week.

The end of Finley’s tenure, however, appeared likely sooner or later.

The Board of Supervisors’ decision to essentially disband the AHS Board of Trustees for their mishandling of a two-year stand-off with labor unions came amid strong words against Finley by some county supervisors.

While Alameda County Supervisor Wilma Chan sharply criticized the Board of Trustees for failing to understand how to work collaboratively with the unions, Alameda County Supervisor Richard Valle questioned Finley’s leadership skills during a meeting in October.

“That is a key for being a leader,” Valle said. “That’s key when it comes to being in a position when people have certain expectations of a leader, and that, for the moment, has fallen.”

5 thoughts on “Alameda Health System CEO is out

  1. Listen to VALLE—Being a Leader means sucking Union balls! Time and time again. It takes a leader to know a leader and if you have watched the Supervisors meetings lately or listened to them online, you will see or hear that the only leader in those meetings is Carson. Valle can’t run a Boy Scouts meeting let alone a Supervisors Meeting. Who got this guy elected….OH,,,,,,,that’s right,,,,,,the Blood thirsty unions.


  2. It’s disappointing to see the CEO resign . I saw a big transformation for AHS under his leadership. But in all , the Board of Trustees and The CEO undermined the power of collective bargaining and negotiations. The Board of Trustee and the CEO forgot who was paying who and who was making the money for them . Hard lesson to learn by both parties.


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