In a bitterly fought campaign for the Alameda County Board of Supervisors District 1 seat this fall, Fremont Mayor Lily Mei laid all her chips on Vinnie Bacon. But, Bacon fell well short of defeating Dublin Mayor David Haubert earlier this month.

It didn’t take long for Mei to jump ship to the supervisor-elect’s camp. A photo posted on Facebook just days after the results of the November election was certain, showed Mei posing with Haubert, among other supporters, at a campaign victory party at a winery in Sunol.

Thumbs up: Alameda County Supervisor-elect David Haubert, center, with Fremont Councilmember Yang Shao on the left, and Fremont Mayor Lily Mei on the right.

The bond between Mei and Bacon has been evident for several years. The pair strongly supported each others campaigns in 2016 for mayor and city council and Mei’s support for Bacon’s supervisorial campaign was seen as a major endorsement last fall.

Mei’s appearance with Haubert so soon after the election is further eye-opening since the issue of disloyalty was a major issue for Bacon. In October, he threatened a Fremont political operative with banishment from the local Democratic Party after learning of his support for Haubert’s campaign.

However, practically-speaking Mei’s path to embracing Haubert is wise for her own political aspirations and the near-term interests of Fremont, easily the largest city in District 1 and likely one of biggest beneficiaries of the incoming supervisor’s activism at the Board of Supervisors.