East Bay Insiders – Ep. 28 – Swalwell and the Fang Gang Christmas special

Rep. Eric Swalwell and Fang Fang, the Chinese spy who shagged him, is riveting the 15th Congressional District. What might be Swalwell’s future? An Alameda County elected official won two races last month and one jurisdiction wants him and the other, not so much. Plus, the rise of the councilmember/public works employee.

Ignacio De La Fuente, Part 2: 'F–king blow this sh-t up' East Bay Insiders

  1. Ignacio De La Fuente, Part 2: 'F–king blow this sh-t up'
  2. Ignacio De La Fuente on Oakland city leaders: 'They have no f—–g clue'; Bottom of the 9th for the A's, Part 1
  3. 'I came here to end my political career'
  4. Post-Covid Reunion; AD18 preview; Howard Terminal; Ahern; O'Malley
  5. Retirement and the Legend of Cracker McCracker

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  1. There will be hell to pay if HUSD kicks Dr.Reynoso off the board. Sounds like they cannot do it anyway, the only authority to do so rests with the Attorney General. I hope Dr. April Oquenda and Dr. Matt Wayne really think this through, they may want to back off, the law is not on their side regardless of what they are saying.


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