Primary Questions: SD-10 Preview

Clockwise from left: Assemblymember Bob Wieckowski, Mary Hayashi, Audie Bock, Peter Kuo and Roman Reed.THE CANDIDATES We all know about Mary Hayashi’s past, but what is missing from this campaign is just how progressive a record she had in the Assembly. During her six years in the lower house, Hayashi was a strong advocate for … Continue reading Primary Questions: SD-10 Preview

Primary Question: Hayward Mayor

Clockwise from the top: Councilmembers Barbara Halliday, Mark Salinas, Francisco Zermeno and Hayward businessman Rakesh Kumar Christian.THE CANDIDATES All three major candidates are also sitting members of the Hayward City Council hoping to replace three-time Mayor Michael Sweeney, who is retiring this summer. Barbara Halliday is the longest-tenured member of the City Council. In previous … Continue reading Primary Question: Hayward Mayor

Primary Questions: Hayward City Council

Hayward City Council chambers. Which two of the seven candidates will take a seat at the dais this summer?THE CANDIDATES Councilmember Marvin Peixoto is seeking re-election to the City Council. Hayward holds at-large June elections with the top two vote-getters winning seats on the council. Four years ago, Peixoto received the most votes following a … Continue reading Primary Questions: Hayward City Council

Primary Questions: AD-16 Preview

Clockwise from the left: Steve Glazer, Tim Sbranti, Catharine Baker and Newell Arnerich.THE CANDIDATES Before Steve Glazer was the “Ban BART Strikes” guy, he was the mayor of Orinda and Gov. Jerry Brown’s best bud. Now, Glazer is attempting to parlay his early opposition to the BART strikes that roiled the Bay Area during the … Continue reading Primary Questions: AD-16 Preview

Primary Questions: CA-15 Preview

Rep. Eric Swalwell, State Senate Majority Leader Ellen Corbett and Hugh Bussell.THE CANDIDATES All you really know about Rep. Eric Swalwell’s first 18 months in Congress is he has compiled 350,000 frequent flier miles traveling from the East Bay to Washington, D.C. The slow pace of plate tectonics on Earth assures us long-distance travel for … Continue reading Primary Questions: CA-15 Preview

Primary Questions: CA-17 Preview

Clockwise from top: Rep. Mike Honda, Ro Khanna, Joel Vanlandingham and Vanila SinghTHE CANDIDATES Ask around you will likely hear one of two things when talking about Rep. Mike Honda: he’s a “nice guy” or “he hasn’t done anything wrong to deserve such a challenge to his seat.” A former teacher, Honda has long focused … Continue reading Primary Questions: CA-17 Preview

Primary Questions: AD-18 Preview

Assemblymember Rob Bonta and David Erlich.THE CANDIDATES Two years ago, Democrat Rob Bonta participated in one of the most grueling races in the East Bay. He fought off two strong opponents to win the primary and then continued the hard-fought race into the fall before finally beating Abel Guillen. Bonta appeared battle-tested when he arrived … Continue reading Primary Questions: AD-18 Preview

Primary Questions: AD-20 Preview

Assemblymember Bill Quirk, Luis Reynoso and Jaime Patino.THE CANDIDATES Bill Quirk nearly lost two years ago despite strong support from the Democratic Party and labor unions. He beat Jennifer Ong by just over 900 votes, yet the close call failed to attract any Democrats to challenge his re-election. As an assemblyman and former Hayward council … Continue reading Primary Questions: AD-20 Preview