I'll never forget when my daughter's show animal was sick and she was holding a thermometer in its rear end while it was crapping all over her hand.-Alameda County Supervisor Scott Haggerty remarking on the value of the ag community Oct. 29 prior to the board's approval of a ban on mutton-busting. Haggerty voted no.
For someone who started out my career making 50 cents an hour babysitting, $15 would have sounded incredible to me.—Hayward Mayor Barbara Halliday reminiscing during a discussion Oct. 15 for increasing the city's minimum wage to $15 an hour by 2022.
The president’s got priors.-Rep. Eric Swalwell on MSNBC Monday discussing impeachment and President Trump's involvement with Russia.
Allowing Measure AA to be enacted with less than two-thirds of the votes would constitute a 'fraud on the voters.'-Alameda County Superior Court Judge Ronni MacLaren, writing in a decision Tuesday against Oakland's 2018 parcel tax measure which garnered just 62 percent support.
There was a time that, you know, we may have been out there killing each other in numbers, but there was no trash out in the street.-Oakland Councilmember Noel Gallo with an odd memory of his younger years growing up in the city, as opposed to the rampant illegal dumping occurring today.
For all those piling on Trump for his hasty Syria withdrawal: I hear you. But what is our plan?-Rep. Ro Khanna challenging fellow Democrats after President Trump ordered the withdrawal of U.S. troops in Syria.
I don’t want any more to be displaced. My heart can’t take it.-State Sen. Nancy Skinner on the landmark rent control bill that was approved by State Senate on Tuesday. AB 1482 caps annual rent increases at 5%.
I stand with my sisters.—Rep. Barbara Lee in a tweet Friday offering support to fellow Reps. Rashida Tlaib and Ilhan Omar after each was banned from visiting Israel.
There is a risk that we could see a Berlin digital wall.-Rep. Ro Khanna in The New York Times describing China's inherent threat to democracy in the digital realm “The question is, are the values of liberty, privacy and freedom of speech going to be embedded in technology platforms? China’s platforms do not have many of the values that liberal democracies believe in.”
It is a choice in America to allow the sale of weapons of war into our communities.-Oakland Council President Rebecca Kaplan tweeting Monday following the fatal shooting of three by a gunman at the Gilroy Garlic Festival.
We should not be creating a false dichotomy that is a by-product of this deal—pitting clean air against clean water. We know all Californians can, and must, have both.-State Sen. Bob Wieckowski prior to being the lone vote in the Legislature against funding clean water projects for poor communities with money set aside for greenhouse gas emissions.
'Wait just a minute.'-East Bay Rep. Barbara Lee in The New York Times on her response to those who question whether a woman, such as Sen. Kamala Harris, can be elected president.
The Constitution makes it very clear that Congress, not the President, has the authority on matters of war and peace. You should give it a read sometime, Mr. President.-Rep. Barbara Lee, announcing the formation Tuesday of the "No War in Iran Caucus," which opposes military force in Iran without congressional approval.
Unless somebody complains then, you know, I’ll submit an application for a modification.-San Leandro Councilmember Victor Aguilar, Jr., in an interview on June 6, admitting he had built an illegal fence on his property all the while politicizing his council opponent's efforts last year seeking approval for a fence modification from the city. READ the article here
We have no choice: Congress must begin an impeachment inquiry against President Donald Trump.-Rep. Eric Swalwell in a June 13 opinion piece in The Atlantic.
In my 22 years on the Council, I’ve never seen a worse budget.-Oakland Councilmember Larry Reid's take on negotiations between the mayor and city council for a two-year budget.
People should, in my view, be proud of having support from technology leaders.-Rep. Ro Khanna, quoted in The New York Times for an article on Democratic presidential candidates courting Silicon Valley donors, and in some cases, calling for the break up of Big Tech.
If the Danville Town Council dishes out cake to celebrate making 7.6% of a building affordable then perhaps I should throw a citywide taco party to celebrate the 87 units of 100% affordable housing we’re opening this fall. -Emeryville Councilmember John Bauters on Twitter Monday.
Government does not do risk well. Honestly we are f--cking wimps when it comes to risk.—Oakland Mayor Libby Schaaf, known privately to drop a heavy payload of f-bombs, speaking April 25 at the Nation Swell Summit in San Francisco.
I'm going to be real clear, the day the Warriors bought that team they had a foot out the door.-Alameda County Supervisor Scott Haggerty during an April 23 Board of Supervisors meeting on the owners of the Golden State Warriors early intent to move the team to San Francisco.
I like to introduce bills that pass.—Assemblymember Rob Bonta during an Oakland City Council meeting April 16 when asked to propose legislation to waive the remainder of the Oakland Unified School District's original $100 million loan. STORY HERE
This is the end of my presidency. I'm f**ked.—President Trump's response, according to the Mueller Report, when he learned special counsel Robert Mueller was appointed to investigate possible Russian collusion during the 2016 presidential campaign.
Release the report.
Release the report.
Release the report.
Release the report.
Release the report.—Rep. Eric Swalwell on Twitter Friday afternoon following news that special counsel Robert Mueller has wrapped up the report on Russian collusion. Swalwell's tweet included the sentence eight more times.
It’s completely unpresidential. Instead of assuring the nation about what happened in New Zealand and saying we condemn those kind of hate crimes, he’s tweeting. —Rep. Ro Khanna on CNN Monday criticizing the President Trump's response to the mass murder of Muslims by a lone gunman in New Zealand.
I miss my baby. Please keep me, my family, and all of my son's friends in your thoughts and prayers.—Oakland Councilmember Lynette McElhaney, following the shooting death Sunday of her 21-year-old son, Victor McElhaney.
In this county there are some citizens who don’t want our first responders to be prepared.—Alameda County Supervisor Scott Haggerty speaking at a board meeting on the future of Urban Shield, the regional public safety disaster preparedness training event and trade show.
Bernie Sanders is always an underdog because he is fighting against large special interests who don’t want to see his agenda succeed.—Rep. Ro Khanna on Sen. Bernie Sanders' announcement that he's again running for president.
#BREAKING: Roger Stone given best shot at beating charges. A gag order.—Rep. Eric Swalwell mocking Trump associate Roger Stone on Twitter after a federal judge order him Friday to refrain from talking about his case in public. Stone once called Swalwell  a "yellow-bellied coward," among other things.
That is still the deal on the table.—Oakland Coliseum Joint Powers Authority Executive Director Scott McKibben to the San Francisco Chronicle Tuesday, describing the $7.5 million price tag offered last year for the Raiders to play the 2019 season in Oakland.
These are policies every American should support, every person should support who cares about the fate of our planet.—Rep. Ro Khanna Friday on Washington Journal offering support for a "Green New Deal" in Congress.