Amos White says his campaign for Alameda City Council will go on, but doesn’t say how

We have to figure out how to get Muslims elected. It's kind of embarrassing.—Cheryl Sudduth, who is running for the West County Wastewater District board in Contra Costa County, at a Muslim candidates town hall in Fremont last Saturday lamenting about the lack of Muslim American elected officials in Bay Area government while other places like Michigan thrive.
"The federal government needs to stay out of our business"-Progressive East Bay Rep. Barbara Lee, in a fundraising email on Monday, making a states' rights argument typically used by conservatives, in reference to the Trump administration's opposition to California's cannabis laws.
Fire Mueller and we fire you.—Rep. Eric Swalwell tweeting a response Wednesday to President Trump's earlier tweet saying U.S. Atty Gen. Jeff Sessions "should" fire Robert Mueller.
I think democratic socialism will ultimately prevail in this country because it makes an enormous amount of sense. Rep. Ron Dellums quoted in an In These Times article from 1976. With the rise of Bernie Sanders and Social Democrats across the country, the statement today carries renewed meaning.