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The thirst for the news has never been greater in the history of human knowledge, yet mega-media corporations are gutting local newsrooms. Without them, the free flow of information used to counteract the wheels of bad government are gone.

The East Bay Citizen hopes to bring the power of information back to the people by allowing them to help shine the light of truth on government while also disrupting the pernicious actors who attempt to disrupt the good intentions of honest politicians.

The profession of journalism will never die, but with the rise of bloggers and social media web sites, the future lies within the passionate and civic-minded to present their informed and nuanced opinions without the traditional gatekeepers of the newsroom setting the agenda.

I look forward to the debate.

Steve Tavares

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  1. The Citizen is the best news source I have read for the east bay area. I truly enjoy reading it. I read the latest development in local government that I can't find in other news sources. A great read.


  2. This is a really good news blog.


  3. I don't know where you came from but I'm glad you're here. You are completely right in that there is a huge vacuum in the local news media due to budget cuts and the demise of traditional newspapers. Whenever I want to know what's going on in my city, I don't go to the Daily Review, the San Leandro Times or any TV or radio station. I go to the East Bay Citizen. Thank you Steven Tavares.


  4. hello this is jedi jon back home hope all is well thanks for the love


  5. Hi Steve, I am still amazed at your ability to get to the bottom of the local happenings, but I am glad you do. You have been and I hope you continue to be the pulse of Alameda County, and it appears even outside of the county. Keep up the good work hope to see you at the next hospital meeting. Your friend ( I hope), Papa John


  6. Steve- Cornell is going to beat your Wildcats tonight! Power to the mid-majors!


  7. Hey Steve! Big Al here.
    Nice lil' blog you got.
    Come see my show soon.
    April 14th, Big Al's Big Ass Comedy Show.
    San Jose Improv.


  8. Yo Steve
    You are the only news reporter (albeit opinioned) -but that's ok since we expect it- who knows what is going on locally. Your coverage of the issues around the closure of San Leandro Hospital deserves a Pulitzer. Can we vote for an email newsblog?


  9. I am relatively new to your blog. I feel like you are telling the truth, which is a hard thing to do. I admire you courage and wish you a lot of success. Thank you for portraying the true picture of the politicians.


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