C.V.: The Center of Architectural Beauty?

On of the most absurd comments made during today’s board meeting seemed innocuous to many but not to most Castro Valley residents.

An official from Sutter told the board of supervisors Castro Valley deserves an “iconic” building like the planned $300 million hospital.

Despite a few sarcastic comments that renderings of the hospital and a video screened before the audience looked like “a four-star Four Season” the building does look impressive, but does make you wonder whether the lounge would serve beer and cocktails.

There’s a problem though. Residents of Castro Valley have been adverse to anything remotely iconic in the town for decades. In the 1990s, an eye doctor painted his building located just off Castro Valley Boulevard and Redwood Road a bold shade of deep purple. For unknown reasons, the office received death threats presumably by people against the musician Prince.

Residents followed that up by protesting a large sign on Redwood Road welcoming visitors exiting from the 580 freeway. It was designed to give the town a focal point, but was later uninstalled.

These are the people who deserve beautiful architecture? There’s hope, though. The French didn’t take to the Eiffel Tower at first.

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  1. Sutter only built the building. The community has to pay for the furnishings. (Medical equipment not cheap). Donate to the EMC Foundation so the Emergency Room will have a heart monitor for you etc.


  2. This is the company that promised “local control.”. Yet they fired our locally elected board, promised to build a new hospital, and built it empty of any equipment, beds and furnishings. Then closing San Leandro Hospital – we know because they don't want competition – and all of the poor folks can go to the new Kaiser or the hospital in Hayward. Sutter is also closing down acute rehabilitation beds – y'all can go to their Berkely facility- and if there is a psychiatic emergency in your family – just send them to jail… Cause there is no more acute Psych at Eden Hospital .


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