Video: Prime Laid Off 150 Nurses after Buying Redding Hospital

One of Dr. Prem Reddy’s most generous offers is his willingness to honor the current collective bargaining agreement with employees at San Leandro Hospital, if he is able to purchase it. Is that bluster or not?

The night of Reddy’s triumphant entrance into San Leandro, a labor leader for the California Nurses Association was asked by The Citizen about Prime Healthcare’s long list of dubious business practices. With a shrug, he said, “It’s an employer.”

The union might want to look out for their members and the welfare of the public with less cavalier statements. Many of Prime’s critics say one of the first actions the hospital provider executes is to lay-off up to 10 percent of existing employees.

Here’s video from KRCR that reveals Prime laid off 150 nurses just days after taking possession of Redding’s Shasta Regional Medical Center last November.

Categories: CNA, layoffs, Prem Reddy, Prime, Shasta

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