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Los Angeles Times, July 7, 2007
The most critical news story published about Prime Healthcare and its owner Dr. Prem Reddy was this Los Angeles Times feature. Contained within it is the most damning quote uttered by Reddy that, in essence, says patients deserve the type of health care they can only afford.

“It’s an entitlement mentality. Why aren’t the same people asking why everybody shouldn’t be eating the same foods, or have the same clothes or same homes? Those are as essential services as healthcare,” he said.

Victorville Daily Press, July 10, 2007
Reddy took little time to respond to the L.A. Times piece calling the offending quote manufactured, but did not plan to file suit against the newspaper.

SoCal doctor earns millions buying hospitals, cutting insurance
Associated Press, July 9, 2007
An AP riff on the same L.A. Times article but adds more context to the notion the company puts the bottom line ahead of health care for patients

Anaheim not Prime real estate
Modern Physician, July 16, 2007

Prime’s $55 million bid for Anaheim Memorial Medical Center was rebuffed by the attorney general. Integrated Healthcare eventually won the bid paying $68 million while pledging $28.8 million in capital. The terms of Prime’s bid for Memorial has parallels their possible bid for San Leandro Hospital.

Prospect scouts L.A.’s Alta; Hopes purchase will help keep patients in system

Modern Physician, June 25, 2007
Prospect Medical Holdings planned to buy four managed care hospitals in Southern California. This article illustrates what happens when companies like Prime cancel insurance contracts to keep higher premiums in their own coffers.
BusinessWeek, August 28, 2008
Prime Healthcare has often been accused of balance billing which puts patients in the middle of billing disputes between managed care providers and hospitals. Often, the onus is illegally put on the consumer to pay the contested difference with the threat of wrecked credit ratings. Many consumers simply pay for services they do not owe.
Modern Healthcare, August 18, 2008
States like California and New York are taking steps to curb the use of balance billing on an unsuspecting public. This story features the dispute between Prime and Kaiser over balance billing and begins to show the push-pull nature of doctors, hospitals and managed care providers vying for patient’s dollars. Said one doctor, “If I can’t enlist my patient’s help to pay the bill, the health plan won’t pay at all.”

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