Questions over Stark’s $3500 Health Care Fundraiser

If you have a couple grand lying around and have an eye on influencing health care reform come on down to Johnny’s Half Shell tomorrow night. I hear their Chesapeake Bouillabaisse is to die for.

For the most part Rep. Pete Stark has played politics the past 37 years above the line of impropriety. Although, there was that scandal of him frolicking in a pool once aired on 20/20 years ago, but nobody seems to remember it, but me.

That Stark is entertaining bigwigs in the health care industry is disheartening at any time, but somewhat suspicious at a time when the Congressman is helping to reshape health care, in addition, to having such a high profile in its decision-making.

A few things. Does Stark really need to stake his reputation on a $3,500 per plate fundraiser for re-election when he basically erects a few signs on Mission Boulevard and Jackson Street and instantly garners 80 percent of the vote every two years?

Who is running things in Stark’s office, anyway. The National Journal (click here to view the invitation), who first broke this story last week, could not get a statement from the Congressman and nor did they respond to The Citizen. It’s no secret the Obama Administration was targeting late August to fly the latest incarnation of health care reform to Capitol Hill, so why didn’t Stark’s people see the end of July as being a bad time to hobnob with organizations with immense stakes in any possible legislation becoming law?

This event should be cancelled immediately. This is not the sort of story opponents of universal health care need to hear. It reeks of special interests shenanigans and does absolutely nothing to save and improve the health of millions of Americans currently without health care. Something, amidst countless stories about its costs, many fail to remember.