Starting today, only one local news outlet is covering the city of San Leandro on a daily basis. The Daily Review’s long time scribe Karen Holzmeister ended 36 years of journalism last Friday and according to its editor Kim Santos the paper will divvy up the city among its current roster of reporters.

A hiring freeze, Santos said in an email, will preclude the rapidly shrinking Bay Area newspaper to add staff in the near term. What this means for consumers of the news and those concerned with the transparency of government is that only The Citizen, a web site only two months old, is the only outlet covering San Leandro everyday.

At a time, when San Leandro could be losing a hospital under surreptitious means and a budget situation at all levels of government foundering, the people of this city need someone to keep City Hall honest along with our elected officials in Sacramento and Washington. The media theory behind The Citizen views the supposed “death” of print journalism as a positive allowing for independent news gathering that builds in an organic way to provide the news unobstructed by outside interests.

The product of news from the bottom up, rather than currently from the top to bottom with large media corporations running the show, serves the interests of the common citizen more efficiently and roots out corruption more thoroughly. Malfeasance, in general, probably does not reside in San Leandro, but if it did, independent media like The Citizen is far more likely to shine its light on it than the big boys drowning in debt.