Main Event: Donaire vs. Concepcion LiveBlogging

WBA Interim World Super Flyweight Title
Hard Rock Casino & Hotel, Las Vegas, NV
Nonito Donaire (21-1, 14 KOs) 25, 5’8″, 68″, 115 lbs.) vs. Rafael Concepcion (13-3-1, 8 KOs) 27, 5’4″, 119.5 lbs.)

Round 1
Concepcion opened with a few left blows to the Donaire’s head, but Donaire controlled the first round highlighted with a a vicious low-slung left to Concepcion’s head. Donaire is wearing yellow trunks in honor of Corazon Aquino, who recently passed.

Round 2
Action continues. Concepcion caught Donaire with a brisk combo, but Donaire ended it, cutting the opponents eye in the process. Bloodied. Concepcion though may have won the round with a blow that shocked Donaire late.

Round 3
Pace has slowed down from the second. Concepcion slips throwing a punch. Blood flow has ceased a bit. Yellow belt is quite red, chest splattered with blood.

Concepcion did not make weight–four pounds over.

Round 4
Concepcion’s swelling eye is becoming a factor. With 30 seconds in round, Donaire lands a nice right Concepcion probably didn’t see. Concepcion gives some attittude to Donaire after the bell. A bit of dancing, but last 10 seconds end in a flurry of punches from both fighters.

Round 5
Concepcion’s mom behind press row is giving louder, more cogent advice than his corner. Midway, Donaire slips , Concepcion nearly lands a blow. Donaire is beginning to lose his form–getting sloppy. Concepcion head butts Donaire in last 30 seconds.

Round 6
Donaire is doing a lot of running, backing up in the sixth. Concepcion had Donaire in the corner before Donaire lands a heavy right to the head. Donaire has let up on hitting the swollen left eye of Concepcion. Concepcion corner doing a good job of keeping cut in check.

Round 7
Donaire continues to use the ropes and run corner to corner and landing consistent blows. Not much defense near end of 7th.

Round 8
Pace slows after frenetic seventh. Donaire lands of vicious straight armed right jab that stunned Concepcion. It remains to be scene is if Concepcion can stand muuch longer. Donaire leaving his head open to hits yet it’s not fazing him.

Round 9
Fatigue setting in. Donaire taps Concepcion on the trunks, turns and smile and cheeckily hangs tongue out. For having as bad a cut as Concepcion has, the injury has not been a factor

Round 10
Much like the ninth. Despite, many blows and a hard upper cut, Concepcion doesn’t look like he’s going down–a tree. Some hard punching from Donaire. Concepcion nearly landed a blow to Donaire’s face after the bell.

Round 11
Donaire’s Ace Ventura-looking hairdo is mussed. Second round where Donaire has done some quick dodging of big Concepcion punches land his own offensive. Donaire lands three big, crowd-pleasing blows, but his theatrics put him vulnerable to a big Concepcion right with 30 sec.

Round 12
Final Round. At this point, Donaire should be way ahead on points. Donaire has landed 74 percent of punches to 22. Donaire slips and jumps up from the canvas. Ref and other crack a smile. Donaire dodging back and forth, running the clock out with 45 sec. to go. Donaire lulls Concepcion into running then returns and lands one of the biggest blows of the night. Flurry of punches in the end. Donaire should have this. just too much athleticism for the shorter, stocky Concepcion. The results….

Nonito Donaire beats Rafael Concepcion by unanimous decision. Post-fight, Concepcion and his corner call Donaire “coward”. Donaire says he broke his left hand in the second round. Sources say Concepcion may have weighed as much as 130 pounds. Donaire says he could feel the weight.