With Twitter, Learning more than you Expected

The prevalence of Twitter is undeniable. Aside, from the insanity of announcing to the world how much you love Pop Tarts or comically musing about the evils of dolphins, the micro-blogging site when applied by insiders reveals a unique view of events.

The Twitter account of Nonito Donaire, the San Leandro born and bred super flyweight fighting tonight for the WBA title is just about as close to the players as you could be. You might argue it harkens back to a time when children sent fan letter to their favorite ballplayers and actually received a handwritten reply.

If you check out twitter.com/filipinoflash you’ll find photos of himself being taped in the dressing room, but anybody could do that. Instead, you have Donaire responding to fans just over two hours before he fights Rafael Concepcion. Donaire asked Lawrence 88, “send me a pic of your PPV party dude!” and revealing the winner of the night’s second bout, Diego Magdaleno, asked to use Donaire’s shower. The 115-pounder Donaire said, “Sure it’s 20 bucks LOL.”

To be fair, it’s not actually Donaire tweeting, at least, at the moment unless he has a computer with keys large enough to type with boxing gloves. Nevertheless, if you can’t sit three rows from the ring, Donaire is giving fans an impressive peak at what most of us never see.