The Citizen Comes To Hayward

Some people ask why is it called the East Bay Citizen when all you cover is San Leandro? To which the answer is, “one step at a time, my friends.”

The purpose of The Citizen is to serve the areas of the East Bay that are severely under reported by the local media. The reasons your daily newspaper is sparse devoid of insight or context is either because of financial constraints leading to cutbacks in the newsroom or general dereliction of civic duty (that is the polite way of saying it). San Leandro, along with Castro Valley and Alameda are some of the areas lacking local coverage. Another is the city south of San Leandro.

Starting this week, The Citizen will add Hayward to its political bull’s eye. I promise the same type of aggressive, populist view of the city through the prism of city hall as we have accomplished in San Leandro. A quick reconnaissance mission on the Hayward power structure reveals an interesting mix of personalities, political aspirations and issues similar to its East Bay neighbors. I also sing karaoke at the bar across the street from Hayward City Hall! Born to Run, anyone?

As a familiarity of the issues and politicians of Hayward become clear, The Citizen hopes to explore Hayward’s burgeoning ethnic minorities as they gain power and the city’s desire to transform its downtown into a destination spot during times of economic anxiety. The latter ties directly to San Leandro as it strives to accomplish the same plan with its own downtown.

The mission statement of The Citizen is clear. The residents of San Leandro and now Hayward will know what their elected leaders think and feel on the issues confronting their community. More precisely, if they slip up, they will no longer be able to hide behind the void of local news coverage. I urge you tell the residents of Hayward to join the revolution in hyper local media and read the East Bay Citizen and tell Hayward Mayor Michael Sweeney to give San Leandro Mayor Tony Santos a call so he knows what’s in store.

Steven Tavares
The Citizen

Categories: Hayward

7 replies

  1. Congratulations Steven.

    One big step for a man, one giant step for our region. Thank you.


  2. Thank you, sir. Unlike the moon landing, the addition of Hayward to The Citizen is real. 😉


  3. Check out the . They might be a good source on Hayward and Hayward issues.The whole area including San Leandro, Castro Valley and Hayward is the Eden Area . Don't eat apples when you're writing stories. Good luck.


  4. Welcome to Hayward my friend…as a member of the Hayward Citizen's Advisory Commission, I invite you to our meetings, get an idea where the Council is spending community block grant money…and enjoy our Council meetings; Hayward can do so many good things if we want!


  5. You go Steve! We love your agressive reporting… Keep them honest!


  6. Way to go East Bay Citizen, I hate sharing you and possibly diluting SL's coverage, but Hayward and Castro Valley have no coverage either and are so deserving of your in-depth politcal reporting and analysis. The Daily Review is nearly worthless in reporting anything in its core service area cities and lately we are only served news on Fremont and Newark, not Castro Valley, Hayward or San Leandro.


  7. Thank you for your kind words. I made the decision to cover Hayward without additional writers only when I was sure I could still maintain the same level of coverage in San Leandro. I assure you it won't decline. San Leandro is like my first crush. We use to make out at the Marina, so to speak.

    I can't announce anything, but bringing Hayward into the fold will hopefully forge a partnership with a group of new writers (fingers-crossed).

    Thank you for the support, too!


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