Yum! Pigeon meat in Oakland! The blog Oakland Local features a story on “haute cuisine” possibly moving to fill the cavernous Barnes & Noble building at Jack London Square. No word on whether the proposed restaurant will also sell red herring….

In other April Fool’s hijinks, Halfway to Concord reports Cal State East Bay’s Concord campus is being converted to a privately operated state prison. At least, there will be more human activity in the remote area than the handful of students currently there….

A recent San Jose Mercury News poll showed strong support among San Jose residents for the relocation of the A’s to the South Bay. The East Bay Express blog 92510 says the wording of the survey makes no mention any fiduciary commitments on the part of residents and was funded by the Bay Area News Group, which owns the Merc and, oddly, the A’s hometown paper, the Oakland Tribune….

The Island of Alameda blog reports the city is working on strengthening its rules of open government. Ironically, the committee’s first meeting may have violated the Brown Act by not giving the public proper notice.

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