Q&A: Lockyer on Lockyer

The Citizen spoke with State Treasurer Bill Lockyer Thursday night at the campaign grand opening of Nadia Lockyer’s headquarters in Hayward. He talked about his wife’s crendentials for the District 2 seat on the Alameda County Board of Supervisors, his role, the lawsuit against her opponent Liz Figueroa and the fate of San Leandro Hospital. 

The Citizen: There is not doubt your presence in this race influences nearly every aspect of this campaign for Nadia and her opponents. 

Bill Lockyer: My district was essentially this district from 1973 to 1998, then my district got bigger–from Oregon to Mexico. I met Nadia 10 years ago when she was president of the school board in Santa Ana. She was this passionate reformer who wanted to do things about educational equality, particular in a district that was heavily minority. She was also a lawyer for the unfairly convicted. She’s a woman who wanted to change the world and we’ve been together ever since and now this is her election, it’s her time. I’m just a volunteer.

Some people in the area see parallels with the notion when Rep. Pete Stark steps down, his wife will take over.

I’ve heard that before.

This situation is a little different, she’s not trying to succeed you, but the charge out there is why does Nadia Lockyer think she is qualified to be supervisor. Is it because she’s Bill’s wife?

No. Well, some might say that, but she’s independently qualified. She ought to be doing this sort of thing. I help and hurt, I guess.

Having your backing is also a boon to her, right?

There’s nothing I or she can do about. It’s a fact that were married [pointed to their son, Diego] It’s a fact of life and I suggest people should decide whether it’s tie for something new or do they want more of the same old politics. If they want someone with a little energy and passionate about change and helping people, I think they will say yes, but she has to do her campaign I can’t do it.

Last week, a lawsuit was filed against one of Nadia’s opponents, Liz Figueroa, was there a ruling Thursday? 

The judge said it was a misleading ballot designation and needed to be rewritten. Instead of “job developer”, it’s “unemployment case worker” and that’s sort of not totally accurate, either, but OK. Our point really was, if you start your campaign trying to mislead the voters, someone really ought to call you on it.

There could be announcement on San Leandro Hospital any day now. Any thoughts?
All the candidates in this race are essentially of the same view that it should stay open. It’s important to the community.

If elected, and nobody knows how long the hospital’s fate will lie in limbo, the occupant of this seat could become the important third vote on the board that isn’t there, since current Supervisor Gail Steele has not been supportive of the hospital outside of having the county run it.

As I understand it, what is the relationship between the county hospital and San Leandro and are there shared facilties? Is there county money involved to try keep it open as an ER? So, those are issues that could imvolve the county.

The problem with the issue is nobody has put forth any money.

Well, we don’t know that yet. There’s a question of whether there ought to be.

Would you say the District needs to pony up some money?

I don’t know. I don’t know.

But you’re Bill Lockyer.

I’m just watching. I’m not the one who has authority to do anything about it. I’m for keeping it open and I think they should try hard to do that, maybe the District, Sutter or the county and various entitities are going to have to figure out how to get it done. Nadia’s argument is, she’s good at that. She has a history of bringing people together that are at war with each other, thinking things out and making progress. She has a good track record at that.

Thank you, sir. 

Thank you.

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15 thoughts on “Q&A: Lockyer on Lockyer

  1. It's important for people deciding if she represents “something new” or “more of the same old politics” to know, she got her job at the Alameda County Family Justice Center through the machinations of then Chief Asst. DA, now DA, Nancy O'Malley. O'Malley rigged the selection process for the job to ensure Nadia got it, by stacking the selection committee with DA staff subordinate to her. This fixing of the process may go beyond what both state and Federal law allows, if Bill Lockyer had a part in her hiring. Although we know he did, proving it will be tricky, O'Malley did not respond to my Public Records Act request for documents related to the hiring, but everyone involved knows it was not on the up and up. How is this not the “same old politics” Bill?


  2. “The whole candidacy stinks. Just another LaRaza groupie.”

    Perhaps someone should ask her about LaRaza…


  3. Nadia is the candidate, Lockyer is the last name and the reason why she'll get votes.

    I admire that she was a school board President in her early 30s…wow…how'd she manage that? Who is this girl and how'd she get in with the right powerhouse hitters? This whole thing is just to damn convenient and not the sorta change we all want.

    My favorte part (besides “I'm just a volunteer”) is “She was this passionate reformer who wanted to do things about educational equality, particular in a district that was heavily minority…” wait, reform educational equality for a minority school district? This is unclear and really sounds bad. What was she trying to do, fight the minorities or fight for them or fight for less minorities? Bill…your name helps, your mouth…maybe, doesn't.


    “Nadia's argument is, she's good at that. She has a history of bringing people together that are at war with each other, thinking things out and making progress. She has a good track record at that.” OK…provide examples…GOOD, legit, positive examples.


  4. Because Lockyer has spent 40 years pulling the wool over the eyes of the fools in San Leandro and Hayward, these idiots will beleive anything he says.


  5. How can Bill Lockyer possibly say he's just an observer of SLH? He's an elected state-wide official! How irresponsible.


  6. Oh and what is this “lawyer for the unfairly convicted”???? What a load of bullSH**. Sounds like another crying libtard. boo hoo hoo. Minorities are oppressed. Same bull from another leftist hack.


  7. What a mindless interview. But then again we're talking about Bill Lockyer. What a dufus.


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