It’s tough making a living as a journalist, but not for some. At SF Weekly’s The Snitch blog, the Chronicle’s long-time outdoors columnist Tom Stienstra was busted for “supplementing” his income with 60 marijuana plants at his Siskiyou County home. Who would have guessed this guy was a pot farmer….

Here’s a good story for Tom Stienstra. Oakland Local has the last of its six-part series on the business of marijuana. The final installment details the crazy quilt laws and regulations from city-to-city, county-to-county….

Students at Alameda’s Encinal High School love learning so much they didn’t want to leave the classroom. The Island of Alameda blog reports students staged a “learn-in” to protest the state’s cuts to education….

If you stay in Berkeley long enough, no matter how saintly you are to the far-left, some libs will eventually turn on you. The Berkeleyside blog reported protesters held a sign in front of Alice Waters’ Chez Panisse alleging the noted chef uses toxic sewage sludge in compost used on its gardens. They would do better to protest the dinnertime menu prices.