In 1987, Bill Lockyer, then a state senator from San Leandro, envisioned a 500-mile bike trail ringing the Bay Area. Two years later the plan was approved. As the popular trail nears the 300-mile mark, local politicians are looking to honor Lockyer for his contribution to preserve the regions scenic landscape.

A segment of the BayTrail in the form of a bridge overlooking a slough between San Leandro and the Oakland Airport will be named after State Treasurer Lockyer in a dedication ceremony May 7, 11:30 a.m.

One of the local leaders who pushed for the long-rumored naming of the bridge for Lockyer has been San Leandro Mayor Tony Santos, who lobbied for it during separate city council meeting earlier this year. Santos said the honor was first suggested to him by former Assemblyman Johan Klehs.There is currently no marker along the trail commemorating its primary author.

“Lockyer, in the opinion of everyone–including myself–is responsible for the BayTrail,” said Santos. “He’s worked on the idea for over 20 years and should be recognized for his work.”

Lockyer, who is up for re-election this year and likely to win a second term, is arguably the most prominent politician in San Leandro history. He started his career on the San Leandro school board before moving on to the assembly, state senate before becoming state attorney general and treasurer.


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