Insurance Companies Bend to House Dems Letter


CONGRESSRescission has long symbolized the unscrupulous actions by health insurance companies. Eliminating the act of canceling medical insurance to customers once they became sick was also one of the defining features of last month’s historic health care reform legislations, but doing away with the scourge of recission is still months away despite the reforms.

In a letter from seven leading congressional Democrats, including Rep. Pete Stark, some of the largest insurance companies were asked to voluntarily stop rescinding health insurance months before the Nov. 1 starting date written into the legislation.

WellPoint, Inc., one of the insurers mentioned in yesterday’s letter acquiesced to the congress members demands and said it will not participate in rescission past May 1. Kaiser Permanete, Assurant, UnitedHealth Group, Humana, Blue Cross and Blue Shield and Aetna were the other insurance companies to have received the letter.

WellPoint’s move puts its competitors in an unenviable position of following their lead or risk further pressure from congress. “The race is on,” said Stark. “WellPoint took the first step, now it’s up to the other insurance companies to show they’re serious about making health reform work. They need to end rescissions, and put in place a system where every proposed cancellation is reviewed by an independent third party.”

At the state level, last year Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger signed Assemblywoman Mary Hayashi’s bill into law banning the practice of recission by insurance companies after two years.



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3 replies

  1. Since Wellpoint was the worst practitioner of the act they should be the first to repent.
    Heard last week that they had computer programs set up that once a woman filed a claim for breast cancer they would cancel the policy and claim fraud.


  2. What a laugh. Claims made by Communists no doubt.


  3. You wouldnt suppose these seven democrats have other things in mind around November, or could they just be nice guys, I still have some thoughts about my votes come November,and the headings for this article is kind of appropriate seeing as how the Dems used their power of bending to get thier health bill past they bent several things and made several pay offs to get that unknown healthcare bill past it will be interesting when someone finally reads the whole bill, I dont care much for insurance companies and their tactics, but having the government take the reins of our healthcare is like the guy said, its like having Dracula guard the blood bank


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