It Gets Worse for Hayward Schools

The assault on public employees and unions to “give their fair share” to help limit continuing budget upheaval has moved to the beleaguered Hayward Unified School District. While the man who some say put the city’s schools on the path to possible receivership is in the running for the top job in San Diego.

The Daily Review reported the school district is prepared to tell the county–tail tucked between its legs–as it stands, it may not be able to bring a $8.2 million shortfall into balance. The school district, already under watch by the state, is facing a bad situation getting worse. Two months ago, two high schools in Hayward were named by the state Department of Education for their poor academic showing.

According to the article, school board member Jesus Armas took exception to another member’s position seemingly backing the teacher’s union and asserting more cuts should be targeted at administration. Armas, who was recently named to the board and is a former city manager for city said, “It’s disingenuous to serve on the board for two years, yet not bring forward any proposals for the other board members,” he said. “It’s easy to vote ‘No.’ It’s easy to say, ‘I won’t balance the budget on the backs of teachers.’ It just shifts the responsibility to other (trustees).”

Hayward teacher are likely to hit hard with possible furlough days and increased class sizes, but one of their past nemesis, former superintendent Dale Vigil, is looking for better days down south and the district is sure not helping him. The San Diego Union-Tribune reports the enemies of Vigil in Hayward wrote a letter to the San Diego Unified School District–the state’s second largest–to notify them of his rocky tenure in the East Bay. Vigil was fired in December after numerous run-ins with the teacher’s union and declining levels of excellence in the city’s schools. Two others besides Vigil are in the running for the job.

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  1. Don't blame Vigil. It's the school board that calls the shots — Vigil was just the hired help.


  2. Vigil was the wrong person from the very start, only a few voices went public with their feelings.

    Jesus Armas has a great deal of gall….in cahoots with Bertie Cooper and Fat Boy Dowling, Armas laid the foundation for the fiscal disaster that's hit Hayward.

    Armas saw the train wreck coming and, via his retirement, jumped off the tracks before it was too late, He left those who stayed in Hayward City Government (along with the citizens) holding the bag. The Hispanic Mafia that dominates Hayward area politics eased him onto the school board…Armas was much too slick to even consider running for City Council, he knows the fiscal ship of Hayward is about to run aground.

    Armas was one of the main supporters of Dale Vigil's hiring by HUSD.

    When the State of California takes over the school district and the HUSD board is a mere figurehead with no power or influence, we can all breath a great sigh of relief.


  3. Is it true Hayward schools used porta potties for classrooms? Sounds cramped. How can they learn?


  4. The Jesus Armas ordeal is a corrupt fiasco on his appointment to the school board that Frumkin, Simms, and Heredia are part of the problem by allowing corruption to continue. At least that Mr. Reynoso was protesting against that. Why is Jesus Armas allowed to be on that board when his wife continues to be the Human Resource director of the district. Also, why did Jesus Armas continue to play a part in all that corruption why is that allowed in Hayward. In this next election of the school board I think will go down as whether the new candidates are with Reynoso on transparency and no more corruption or to continue with what has always been going on in Hayward. Corruption and Fraud …welcome Mexican Mafia..


  5. How true…I almost forgot. Dr. Vigil was put in with a lot of help from Jesus Armas. Does this website tell the facts or is this another one of those Hayward Mexican Mafia websites that promotes Jesus Armas and all that smells corrupt in Hayward.
    Don't forget Russell City..the power plant no one knows about ..Jesus Armas has a part in that. Oh well..


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